Where Do Eels Live?

Most eels can be found living in shallow waters. Since different types of eels can live in freshwater or saltwater, it all depends on which eel. Some eels can even switch between both bodies of water. For example when they migrate for mating purposes.

Most eels species are nocturnal so you may not see them too often in the wild or even in captivity. They usually burrow into sand, mud, or hide amongst rocks during the day. Some eels live together in what is known as eel pits.

Some eels are born in freshwater. They grow a bit and then migrate to the ocean to continue their life cycle. They return to freshwater sources to give birth. However, eels like moray eels, conger eels, and a few others live in saltwater their entire lives.

Eels like the green moray eel prefer to live alone (these are the most dangerous kinds of eels). They hide between rock crevices near shallow waters or where there are lots of coral reefs. Amerian eel, on the other hand, stay concealed in murky or pebbly waters during the day and come out at night to eat.

No one really knows the true habitat of some eels. For example, European eel can be found in almost any aquatic habitat. The research is still on-going and the resounding answer is that it depends. Check out more interesting facts about eels.