Did Dinosaurs Have Scales?


Varying dinosaur fossils point to some having scales and some having feathers. In fact, Professor Paul Barrett of the British Natural History Museum says: We have really strong evidence that animals like the duck-billed dinosaurs, …

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4 Main Types of Fossils

different types of fossils

There are four main types of fossils. They are: Mold Fossils Cast Fossils True Fossils or Ichnofossils True Form Fossils What Are Fossils? According to the Oxford English dictionary, fossils are, the remains or impression …

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10 Different Types of Dinosaurs

Different Types of Dinosaurs

Let’s learn about the different dinosaur lower classifications. There are over 700 documented species of dinosaurs; but these are the most popular types of dinosaurs discovered: Pterodactyl Pterodactyl is the name given to many different types …

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Types Of Crabs

Let’s learn about the different types of crabs! Just how many crabs are there? There are about five thousand sea crab species alone! But we’re going to focus on the most common types of crab …

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Are All Crabs Edible?

are all crabs edible?

Given that there are over 5000 varieties of crabs its no surprise that you’d want to know if they’re all edible. Crabmeat is one of the most savored kinds of seafood. So, are all crabs …

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